is the collective network of a number of journals under the umbrella of Cyber Journals, one of which is the Cyber Journals: Multidisciplinary Journals in Science and Technology (CJ-MJST). In the network, a number professional collaborative efforts are presented, once of which is the International Journal of Collaborative Contributions (IJCC). IJCC takes international collaborations into a whole new level by facilitating engagement of national and international authors on variety of topics. Other services provided at include: Individual Conversity Index (ICI) and Publication Conversity Index (PCI) evaluations. ICI, which is a complementary indexing system to h-index, is a measure of calculating individual collaborative and scholastic merits. The PCI is also another complementary indexing system to impact factor measures for journals and recurring conferences and publications, which shows their effectiveness in engaging collaborations among contributers, as well as other classical measures, such as citation measures.

Other features provided at include; pixel advertisements for universities, journals, and conferences. In these pages, educational institutes, organizations, and groups are gathered in a classified unions to demonstrate their professional activities and contributions to the academic society. Unlike other advertising systems, the selection committee evaluate every single prospective members to ensure their eligibility for membership.

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